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Appraising In a Changing Market-
The Multi-Tiered Market Data Approach
Supply, Demand, Balance: How do you measure a balanced market?
We are well into a market cycle that went from boom to bust in the last year. Real estate editors were using terms like "soft landing" at the beginning of the year, and have now gone to using words like "real estate recessions" and "bust". This article is written to help deal with the current declining marked.
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Taken from a poll at the Inland CA Appraisers Forum Yahoo Group in February the results address issues that are confronting appraisers as the markets constrict and decline.
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Appraising "Golf Course" homes .
We have a high end appraisal of a home on a golf course to do. There are things some you should know if you are interested in the nuances of location values of golf course properties.   Read more . . .



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