The range of services provided includes consulting and valuation analysis in matters involving real estate from marketability, to feasibility to risk management, loan origination, loan servicing, and litigation (civil and criminal).
Litigation Support  
We can provide basic research and data, appraisal review services, and valuation analysis.
Expert Witness
We have staff that has testified in a wide range of litigation cases in Superior and Federal Courts as well as in front of Grand Juries
Market Studies
Market Studies
We have been preparing market studies for clients for over 12 years when absorption and stabilization are a concern. We provide four levels of market study analysis, depending upon client needs.
Commercial and Industrial Appraisal
General commercial and industrial appraisals are a normal part of our services.

From multi-tenant buildings, to industrial condominiums, to large single tenant projects, we have substantial experience/
Land Appraisals.

Certain specialty property types we do not do, but will refer to the appropriate expert that has true product competency.



 Residential Estate
One of our specialty areas for over 25 years has been the appraisal of residential estate properties and custom homes, as well as the review of appraisals on them.
 Feasibility Analysis
We will provide feasibility reports that include a Highest and Best Use analysis that tests the financial viability of proposed projects based on rental surveys, cost and absorption analysis.
Continuing Education Training
Each member of our staff is required to take at least 40-hours of appraisal course work per year. Each member is on an education path that leads to professional designation.



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